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Experience innovation with BlueEnergy Build Private Limited (BEBPL), a leader in survey, investigations, and solutions. Through topographical, hydrological, geological, geophysical, hydrogeological, environmental, and Remote Sensing GIS investigations, we drive towards a sustainable future, one discovery at a time

Sustainable Solutions for a Better Future

At BlueEnergy Build Private Limited(BEBPL), we offer a comprehensive range of services aimed at unlocking the Earth's potential and fostering sustainable solutions. Our expertise spans across various domains, are designed to make a positive impact, shaping a future where resources are managed wisely and responsibly.


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BlueEnergy Build Topographical & Drone Survey

Topographical & Drone Survey

Topographical and drone surveys provide accurate mapping and data collection of land and structures, offering valuable insights for construction, planning, and land development.

BlueEnergy Build Water Management Plans

Water Management Plans

Water management plans encompass strategies and practices for the sustainable use, conservation, and efficient allocation of water resources, vital for environmental stewardship and long-term resource availability.

BlueEnergy Build Mineral Exploration

Mineral Exploration

Mineral exploration involves prospecting, drilling, and geological analysis to discover valuable mineral deposits beneath the Earth's surface, crucial for resource industries and economic development.

BlueEnergy Build Groundwater Exploration

Groundwater Exploration

Groundwater exploration involves geophysical surveys, drilling, and testing to locate and access underground water sources, essential for clean drinking water and sustainable resource management.

BlueEnergy Build Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions 

Customized solutions are tailor-made and individualized approaches or products designed to meet specific needs, preferences, or requirements, ensuring optimal outcomes and customer satisfaction.

BlueEnergy Build Sewage and Water Treatment Solutions

Sewage and Water Treatment Solutions

Sewage and water treatment solutions encompass advanced processes and technologies for treating wastewater and potable water, ensuring environmental protection and safe, clean water supply.

BlueEnergy Build Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the practice of collecting, storing, and using rainwater for various purposes, such as irrigation, landscape maintenance, and even potable water supply, promoting water conservation and sustainable resource management.

BlueEnergy Build Water Quality Testing

Water Quality Testing

Water quality testing involves rigorous analysis of water samples to assess chemical, physical, and microbial properties, crucial for ensuring safe and reliable water for drinking, industrial processes, and environmental protection.

BlueEnergy Build Groundwater Modelling

Groundwater Modeling

Groundwater modeling employs computer simulations and mathematical techniques to understand the movement and behavior of groundwater within aquifers, aiding in resource management, environmental impact assessments, and long-term planning.

BlueEnergy Build Geotechnical Surveys

Geotechnical Surveys

Geotechnical surveys involve in-depth investigations of soil and rock properties at construction sites to assess foundation stability, soil composition, and ground conditions, ensuring safe and efficient building and infrastructure projects.

BlueEnergy Build GPR Survey

GPR Survey

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) surveys use radar technology to image subsurface structures and materials, valuable for locating utilities, archaeological features, and assessing geological characteristics for various applications.

BlueEnergy Build Remote Sensing  & GIS Mapping

Remote Sensing  & GIS Mapping

Remote sensing and GIS mapping utilize satellite and aerial imagery to collect and analyze geographical data, supporting diverse applications, including environmental monitoring, land use planning, and disaster management.

BlueEnergy Build Detail Project Report  (DPR) Services

Detail Project Report  (DPR) Services

Detailed project report services involve comprehensive planning, analysis, and documentation to outline project objectives, scopes, budgets, and timelines, providing a roadmap for successful project execution and management.

BlueEnergy Build Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies are comprehensive investigations to evaluate the potential environmental, social, and economic effects of proposed projects or activities, ensuring sustainable development and regulatory compliance.

BlueEnergy Build Hydrological & Hydrogeological Surveys

Hydrological & Hydrogeological Surveys

Hydrological and hydrogeological assessments involve the in-depth analysis of surface and subsurface water systems, supporting critical decision-making in various sectors such as water resource management, EIA, and land development planning.

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Who we are


BEBPL, established in 2019, is a distinguished consultancy firm specializing in comprehensive groundwater and water management plans for infrastructure and allied industries.

Director: Dr. P Lakshminarayana

Dr. P Lakshminarayana, with 17 years of experience in water resources investigation, development & management, leads BBPL as the Chairman & Managing Director. He holds a Ph.D. in water resources, specializing in flood modeling, and has served as a professor under World Bank funding.

Government Recognized

BEBPL is proudly recognized as a startup by the Government of India, acknowledging its innovative contributions to the industry.

MSME Registered & ISO 9001:2015 Certified

BEBPL holds the prestigious MSME registration and ISO 9001:2015 certification, reflecting its commitment to delivering high-quality services.

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Cutting-edge Technology

Scientific data collection with state-of-the-art tools & automation.


Transparent & Timely:

Get survey details transparently & within the timeframe.


Top-Rated Groundwater Investigation

95% success rate in 200+ acre projects.


Environmental Compliance

Reports aligned with CGWA guidelines for industry & mineral companies.


Comprehensive Solutions

Water flow assessments, rainwater harvesting, & more.