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Desk Study:

Groundwater survey involves a systematic analysis of existing data before fieldwork. Here’s a step-by-step desk study:

1. Review Existing Data:

Examine geological maps, hydrogeological reports, and any available data on the geological composition of the area.

2. Topographic Analysis:

Study topographic maps to understand the landscape’s elevation, slopes, and potential groundwater flow paths.

3. Climate and Precipitation:

Analyze climate data to assess precipitation patterns, evaporation rates, and potential impacts on groundwater recharge.

4. Soil and Permeability:

Investigate soil types and their permeability characteristics, identifying areas conducive to groundwater movement.

5. Land Use and Urbanization:

Assess land use patterns to identify potential sources of contamination and areas with increased demand for groundwater.

6. Existing Wells and Boreholes:

Collect data on existing wells, boreholes, and groundwater monitoring points, including depth, water quality, and yield.

7. Vegetation and Wetlands:

Consider vegetation types as indicators of potential wetlands and shallow groundwater areas.

8. Historical Data:

Examine historical groundwater level data to understand trends and variations over time.

9. Regulatory Framework:

Familiarize yourself with local regulations and policies related to groundwater use, protection, and management.

10. Infrastructure:

Identify existing infrastructure that might impact groundwater, such as pipelines, septic systems, or industrial facilities.

11. Geophysical Data (if available):

Explore any geophysical surveys or resistivity data that provide insights into subsurface characteristics.

12. Community Input:

Consider engaging with local communities to gather anecdotal information about groundwater-related issues.

Compile all the information into a comprehensive report, creating a solid foundation for planning and executing an effective groundwater survey in the field.

Are you interested in the survey?

Ground water survey
Ground water survey